Dental implants Costa Rica is a very affordable option because the prices and the beauty of this country offer the best combination that people expects.

The clinic of Dr. Jairo Vargas has a friendly staff and with more than 27 years of experience, will guarantee you that your new smile will surprise to anyone who sees it.

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what are dental implants?

Dental implants are fixtures like artificial roots, created to replace missing or lost teeth for any reason, capable to integrate into your mouth to the point of living together healthily and completely natural with the rest of the tissues.
Currently, they are manufactured preferably and chemically of pure titanium and act as replacement for tooth roots. After their placement into the maxilla or mandible, they serve to (once they are osseointegrated) give support to the new artificial teeth that will be joined to them.
Each dental implant, serves as artificial root on which the crown or dental prosthesis will settle and over it, we can distinguish them like the natural teeth.

Implant or dental implant attachment (portion that is under the gum)
Pillar abutment (fixing portion emerges in the mouth)
Crown or prosthesis (covering the pillar and is noticeable in mouth)